Announcing UT in New York

Make it there. Make it anywhere.

Why New York?

NY skyline with UT Tower included

Because breakthroughs happen when diverse ideas and perspectives converge for a common purpose, The University of Texas at Austin is bringing TEXAS to New York City, the global center for finance, media, entertainment and the arts.


Set to host its inaugural class in 2019*, UTNY is poised as a launchpad for students and their futures. Headquartered in Manhattan with close proximity to Broadway, Wall Street and Madison Avenue, UTNY will allow students to explore business, communication, media and the arts while living in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

* Pending approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.


Small-class instruction featuring leading industry professionals.


Explore internships directly related to career interests.


Housing in the heart of New York City with other university students.

Who is eligible to attend UTNY?

UTNY is open to UT Austin students interested in industries related to finance, communication, media and the arts who have completed 60 hours. Students must also meet their department’s or school’s internship prerequisites.

Ideal for majors, such as marketing, management, finance, design, theater management, art and art history, journalism, radio-television-film, advertising, public relations, and corporate communication, to name a few.

Interested? Let us know.


  • Q: Will course work and internships count toward my degree?

    A: Yes, UTNY courses and internships will earn credit towards your degree. You should discuss details with your academic advisor in advance of enrollment in the program.

  • Q: What will my course schedule look like?

    A: Students can expect to earn 12 hours of credit while studying in New York; your academic advisor can assist in planning. Class schedules will vary by major, but generally classes will be available at multiple times throughout the week to accommodate different internship schedules.

  • Q: What courses will be offered?

    A: The UTNY semester will consist of a cross-college seminar taken by all UTNY students and a college-based elective course. Elective courses will be offered in a range of topics and will be available to all students enrolled at UTNY.

  • Q: What are the program dates?

    A: There will be three sessions offered each year: Spring and Fall semesters and a summer session. The first class will be seated in the Fall of 2019.

  • Q: Where will I live?

    A: Student housing will be offered through an approved and established housing partner that manages a number of modern, safe and well-equipped housing centers located in Manhattan and Brooklyn. These housing units are designed specifically for visiting college students and multiple universities and colleges from across the country utilize these housing centers.

  • Q: What will it cost?

    A: Participation costs will be similar to those of UT study abroad programs. UTNY students will pay UT tuition, UTNY fees (a program fee and room and board estimated to be approximately $15,000 for Fall 2019), travel, transportation and incidental expenses. Some scholarships may be available to selected students.

  • Q: How do I seek financial assistance?

    A: Students may apply to the Office of Financial Aid for assistance; similar to study abroad programs, a student’s financial aid package may be adjusted to cover the additional cost of attending UTNY. Scholarship support for UTNY may also be available. Talk to your academic advisor.

  • Q: Who do I talk to about this program?

    A: Talk to your academic advisor about attending UTNY.

  • Q: How do I secure an internship?

    A: You will secure your own internship with the assistance of UTNY staff and your own college’s career services office. You must discuss the internship with your academic advisor prior to attending UTNY to ensure that the internship credits count towards your degree requirements.

  • Q: Where is the campus located?

    A: Manhattan. The exact location will be announced in Spring 2019 and will be easily accessed by mass transit.

  • Q: Who teaches the classes?

    A: Industry professionals, sector experts and scholars based in New York will teach classes under the supervision of UT academic leadership. Instructors will emphasize theory and practice based on their respective professional experience.

  • Q: What is involved in the application process?

    A: An online application will be available November 1 through November 30 for the inaugural UTNY class in the Fall 2019 semester. A Statement of Purpose and resume will be included as part of the application.