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As a globally recognized influencer, New York thrives on new ideas and innovation.

What can you bring to the table?

Any and every career field is available in New York, and with each career field, there is a network of diverse professionals. Building a network in New York doesn’t just give you a network in the city, it gives you a network that extends around the world.

Internships: What you need to know

The UTNY internship program opens up opportunities for those majoring in marketing, management, finance, acting, theater, studio art, art history, economics, government, global business, journalism, radio-television-film, advertising, public relations, corporate communication, and more. Those pursuing minors in business, communication, arts management, and administration will also find a great fit in the UTNY program.

Students secure their internship with the assistance of UTNY staff and their college’s career services office. This crucial foot-in-the-door starts students with invaluable industry experience. All students should plan to enroll in and complete a three- or six-credit-hour internship unless approved to do an independent study. Students register for internship credit within their major department and are responsible for meeting all internship course prerequisites.

Internship course requirements and criteria vary slightly depending on the course, college, and department. Students enrolling in a three-credit-hour internship typically work 150 – 175 hours. Students enrolling in a six-credit-hour internship typically work 300 – 350 hours.

UTNY Internship Credits

College of Fine Arts

McCombs School of Business

College of Liberal Arts 

  • L A 320wb-UTNY / L A 620-UTNY – All Liberal Arts majors 
    • Government, Sustainability, Urban Studies, and Women and Gender Studies majors -- Chcek with your academic advisor about departmental internship courses 

Moody College of Communication

  • ADV 350 / ADV 650 (180 / 250-300 Hours) – Advertising majors 
  • CLD 351 / CLD 651 (150 / 300 Hours) – Communication and Leadership majors 
  • CMS 370K / CMS 670K (100 / 200 Hours) – Communication Studies majors 
  • J   330F / J   660F (150 Hours / 300 Hours) – Journalism majors 
  • P R 350 / P R 650 (180 / 250-300 Hours) – Public Relations majors 
  • RTF 330L / RTF 650N (160 / 320 Hours) – Radio-Television-Film majors 
    • Three hours of RTF 650N may count as Media Studies for RTF majors; the remaining three hours will count toward the twelve hours of additional RTF electives required for RTF majors.

Internship Credit for any UTNY Student

UTNY students with extenuating circumstances or those unaffiliated with a college or school listed above can earn COM 350 / COM 650 internship credit through the Moody College of Communication.  

  • RTF majors: three hours of COM 650 may count as Media Studies; it will count towad the RTF 36 hour coursework requirement, but not against the 48 hour RTF limit. 
  • Effective Fall 2024: COM 350 and COM 650 counts as a "Career Prep Course" for Communication Studies majors.

This list is subject to change. Please check with your academic advisor, college, school, and department for the most up-to-date information.  

Independent Study

Most students will complete an internship during UTNY, however, upon staff/faculty approval, a student may elect to do an independent study in place of an internship.

Students who want to pursue an independent study instead of an internship must indicate their preference on the UTNY application.

Any UTNY independent study must be created and organized by the participating student and reviewed, approved, and supervised by and staff/faculty in that student’s home college, according to that college’s rules.

Students must complete an internship or an independent study but may not do both.

All UTNY independent study proposals should be reliant on being in New York.

Career Services: Making UTNY work for you

You will work with UTNY staff and your college career services to secure an internship in New York.

The UTNY staff offer New York City-specific professional support, including updating your resume and cover letter to local industry standards and guidance on local interviewing and networking. UTNY participants have access to exclusive internship opportunities through UTNY partnerships. 

Contact Career Services

College of Fine Arts

Fine Arts Career Services

College of Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts Career Services

McCombs School of Business

Moody College of Communication

School of Human Ecology

College of Natural Sciences

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