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Live in New York City

Living in New York is a life-changing experience.

UTNY immerses you in a wide range of cultures, making studying and living in New York City a unique international experience. The city’s fast-paced lifestyle finds balance as a world-renowned capital of culture and innovation, with access to hundreds of museums, galleries, and performing arts venues.

From their favorite restaurants to the best neighborhoods, discover why UT Austin alums love New York City.

Erin Cast
Preparation, networking, and patience helped McCombs MBA alumna Erin Cast find her way from The University of Texas at Austin into the globally-minded New York City industry. She has worked for international cosmetic brands and currently manages the brand for a French-based pet food company.
Felicia Fitzpatrick
This UT Austin College of Fine Arts graduate inspires everyone to take a leap of faith, and her still-blooming journey from The University of Texas to New York City shows that grit and determination produce joy and possibility.
Jay Hartzell
Transformed by New York City’s cultural immersion and global exposure, UTNY founder, Jay Hartzell returned to The University of Texas at Austin, where he now serves as its 30th president. From favorite restaurant to the best place to spend a Saturday afternoon, Hartzell shares his experiences navigating his way through New York City.
Steve Houston
Upon earning an economics degree at The University of Texas at Austin, Steve Houston followed his curiosity and ambition to New York City. As he grew streetwise and industry-savvy, Houston absorbed the city’s diverse culture and ascended in the world of investments and venture capital.
Kathleen McElroy
A seasoned journalist and newsroom leader, Dr. Kathleen McElroy serves as the Director of the School of Journalism and Media at The University of Texas at Austin. While at The New York Times, McElroy experienced the cultural exchanges throughout New York City as opportunities to deepen appreciation for humanity.
Victor Paredes
McCombs MBA alumnus Victor Paredes says that New York City is a “testament to what diversity actually looks like.” Following his college years at The University of Texas at Austin, Paredes journeyed to NYC and has cultivated a meaningful communications career focused on multicultural marketing and community-building.
Robert Schenkkan
Robert Schenkkan graduated from the College of Fine Arts and found his artistic haven and inspiration in New York City. His work includes the Tony award-winning play, “All the Way,” and “The Kentucky Cycle,” which won the Pulitzer. From seeing the original “Follies” to visiting the MET, Schenkkan shares why living in NYC has been life-altering.
Jill Vexler
College of Liberal Arts alumna Jill Vexler is a museum curator and cultural anthropologist who has traveled the world for a deeper understanding of people and places. NYC is her anthropological heaven and home base because of its vitality, vibrancy, and culture.

Get the most out of your time in New York

New York is a city of opportunity - and UTNY students are in the middle of it all! 

Participants have access to exclusive events, whether networking with the Texas Exes, touring the headquarters of a Fortune 500 company, or attending the taping of a show.  UTNY leverages the connections of UT Austin to open doors for students.

We believe the city is your classroom, so learning requires getting out and experiencing the amazing history, culture, places, and people who call New York home.

Madison Square Garden

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New York City Housing

While there are multiple options for housing throughout New York City, student housing is in high demand. Start your search early to secure housing within your price range, in your desired location, and with your preferred features.

We provide information to help you find housing while you participate in the UTNY program, both in the following section and after being admitted to the program. The inclusion of a housing solution in this section does not constitute a recommendation, guarantee, or endorsement by The University of Texas at Austin or UTNY. The resources provided on this page are not a comprehensive list of the options available to students for housing, and students may find other housing options on their own.

Wherever you decide to live, admitted students must provide proof of housing and address information to UTNY no later than the first day of class.

Student Dorm-style Housing 

Educational Housing Services (EHS) 

UTNY students can work directly with Educational Housing Services (EHS) which provides fully furnished, double occupancy dormitory-style rooms at locations throughout the city. EHS facilitates roommate requests and location preferences to help students make the most of their stay in the city. 

The EHS facilities serve nearly 85 universities and colleges across the country, offer high-speed internet, TV, cable, and phone service in each room. In addition, the facilities have common kitchens, meeting rooms, workout facilities, laundry, and 24-hour security.  

Student Apartments 

NYCIntern provides furnished apartments for students living in New York City. 


Sublets are apartments that a property owner or renter leases out to somebody for a limited amount of time. 

There are several Facebook groups where people seeking housing can post what they’re looking for and contact owners and agents. People will also post apartments that are available to sublet so check back often.

Some sublet sites include Renthop, Sublet.comLeasebreak and Flip.Lease.

Other Housing Options 

Short term rental sites, such as VRBO and Airbnb, have rentals that charge by the month. You will find a range of prices depending on the neighborhood and size. You probably won’t have to pay any of the bills directly — just a cleaning fee — which makes it more hassle-free than subletting. 

NYC summer

Summer-only Student Housing at New York City-based Universities and Schools (based on availability)


Summer student housing works just like normal student housing, charging room and board.  New York University has week-by-week and monthly rates for students during the summer. Other schools like The New School offer similar options for fixed time frames.

Carefully read all options and discuss your housing with a parent or guardian. You assume full responsibility for location, condition, and the contractual terms of your rental.