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Learn in New York City

For UTNY students, learning is never confined to the four walls of the classroom. Every day, students apply concepts through collaboration. Project-based learning directly translates to real-world internship experiences.  

Along with your cohort of peers, you will experience New York City while learning “urban literacy” – taking advantage of the locales, institutions, resources, and expertise of local industry professionals – to enhance living and working in the city.


Advance toward your degree.

You can expect to earn 12 hours of in-residence upper-division credit while interning and living in New York. Industry professionals, sector experts and academic scholars are selected to teach New York-centric classes under the supervision of UT Austin faculty. Instructors emphasize theory and practice based on their respective professional experiences.

You are required to register for the UTNY common course and a 3- or 6-credit internship course within your major department. You will select an additional 1 or 2 UTNY courses to meet the 12 credit minimum. Classes meet once per week, Monday through Thursday, 6-9 p.m. ET. Leadership and Urban Engagement meets Fridays, 3-5 p.m. ET.

Common Course
This course is required of all UTNY students

  • MAN 340 / COM 340 / L A 340 / F A 345: Leadership and Urban Engagement
    • Ethics (E) flag

Internship Course
All students must enroll in a 3- or 6-credit internship, ideally within their major. This course counts toward the UTNY 12 credit requirement regardless of which department owns the course. See the Work page for more information on internship course options.

UTNY Courses
Select additional UTNY courses to complete your enrollment 

  • MKT 337N: Intro to Marketing in New York
    • You may substitute for MKT 320F for Business Minor.
  • TXA 365: Inside Fashion: The NYC Fashion Industry
    • Summer only
  • AMS 321: Nueva York: Latin American and Latinx Cultures in the Big Apple
    • Offered Fall 2023 only
    • Cultural Diversity (CD) flag
  • AMS 330 / ARH 339Q / URB 352: Modernism in American Design & Architecture: NYC
    • VAPA requirement and Cultural Diversity (CD) flag
    • Not offered Fall 2023
  • F A 346: Inside the Visual and Performing Arts of New York City
    • Counts as Media Studies for RTF majors; counts toward RTF 36 hour coursework requirement, but not against the 48 hour RTF limit.
  • ADV 378 / PR 378: Social Issues in Advertising and PR in New York City
    • Counts as a social issues course for Communication and Leadership major

Courses are subject to change.

Experiential Learning

Learn by doing.

As a UTNY student, you will participate in many experiential learning and networking opportunities and connect with UT alumni living in the tri-state area.


Grit meets opportunity.

Students secure their own internship with the assistance of UTNY staff and their college’s career services office. This crucial foot-in-the-door gets you started with industry experience.

All students should plan to enroll in and complete a three or six credit-hour internship (unless otherwise approved). Students register for internship credit within their major department and are responsible for meeting all course prerequisites for that internship course.

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