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Now Accepting Applications for Spring 2025!

Application Priority Deadline: May 1, 2024

Spring in New York is the perfect time for a transformation.  You start by ice skating at Rockefeller Center, blink, and those snow flurries are replaced with petals at the Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival. Cheer on the Mets and Yankees at baseball home games, attend Drive Thru outdoor movies, and explore the Bronx Night Market.  Before you know it you'll be at the Cinco de Mayo parade looking back on a year of personal growth and new beginnings in your professional career.  

Program Dates: June 2, 2024 - April 28, 2025
New York Dates: January 13 - April 28, 2025

Apply Now

You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt.  If your application does not submit, ensure that your essay is below the 2,500 character word limit and remove any paragraph breaks.

    Upcoming Deadlines

    UTNY applications are accepted at least two months before each deadline but are not reviewed until after the application deadline. 

    • Spring 2025: May 1 (priority), July 1 (final)
    • Summer 2025: October 1
    • Fall 2025: March 1, 2024
    • Spring 2026: May 1, 2024

    The application closes at 11:59 p.m. Central Time on the day of the deadline.

    Applicants not admitted during the priority deadline are ineligible to apply for the final deadline for the same UTNY semester.

    Apply to UTNY


    UTNY is open to all UT Austin students in good academic standing. 

    We recommend that applicants will have 60+ credit hours (in residence or transfer) by the time they would arrive in New York. Students may apply if they will have 30+ credit hours but must complete an additional interview to determine marketability for competitive internship opportunities in New York City. 

    In addition, competitive applicants typically have:

    • 3.0+ GPA at UT Austin
    • Prior work or internship experience in their field during college
    • A well-written and substantive application
    • A professionally-formatted resume with exclusively post-high school achievements
    • Familiarity and record of engagement with the UTNY program

    Attending a UTNY Information Session or Ready to Apply session is strongly encouraged before applying.  See the How to Prepare section below for recommended action items before you apply.

    UTNY is a competitive program and not every student will be accepted the first time they apply. We strongly encourage students who are not admitted to reapply as their additional coursework and experience will strengthen their application's competitiveness.

    J-1 Exchange students: UTNY is only open to matriculated UT Austin students. Exchange students to UT are ineligible to participate due to visa regulations.


    The UTNY application is entirely online and has no application fee. 

    Applicants will apply for either the Internship Track or the Independent Study Track. Learn more about these options on the WORK page. Once admitted, participants cannot change their track.

    The application includes:

    • Essay Question
      • Internship Track: Please describe your interest in the UTNY program.  How does your academic and previous internship/work experience prepare you for a semester in New York City? How would the internship experience and academic program in New York benefit your professional aspirations? Be specific about the types of positions and organizations you are interested in interning with and how they relate to your career goals.
      • Independent Study Track: Please describe your interest in the UTNY program. How does your academic and other previous experience prepare you for a semester in New York City? How would completing an independent study and academic program in New York benefit your professional and educational aspirations? Be specific about the independent study you hope to complete and how the independent study work is reliant on being in New York.
    • Resume upload
    • UTNY Scholarship Essay (optional)

    Review your documents carefully before submitting.  Your resume for UTNY should not include anything from high school.  Work with your career center to edit your resume and highlight your skills and experience to best advantage.  Use the UT Writing Center to ensure that your essays are substantive and free of errors. 

    Tech Note: You will receive a confirmation email once your application is received.  If you click "submit" and the page refreshes, your application was likely not submitted.  If this happens to you, ensure that your essays are below the 2500 character word limit and remove all paragraph breaks.

    Transfer Students: Only currently enrolled students may access the UTNY application. Transfer students who intend to apply to a deadline before their first class day on the UT Austin campus should contact for help.  

    Application Timeline

    Application Opens: The application portal begins accepting applications approximately one week after the previous semester's deadline.  Applications are not reviewed on a rolling basis but make a plan to apply early to avoid tech issues. 

    Deadline: The application deadline is 11:59pm Central Time on the deadline day. Some semesters have both a priority and a final deadline. Aim to apply by the priority deadline, if possible, for strongest admission and scholarship consideration.

    Under Review: Applications are sent to committee.  Applicants who would have less than 60 credits (in-residence or transfer) by the time they arrive in New York may be invited to an additional interview.

    Admission Decisions: Applicants are notified of their acceptance status about 2-3 weeks after the application deadline.  Colleges typically announce UTNY-specific scholarship around the same time.  These scholarships are paid out after the first class day in New York and cannot be applied to the program deposit.

    Commitment: Admitted students will have 1 to 2 weeks to accept their offer and pay the $1,000 non-refundable program deposit. This kicks off the pre-departure semester.

    How to Prepare


    Learn about a semester in New York now, even if you don't expect to apply for another year or more. The earlier you start planning, the better it will fit into your degree plan.

    • Attend a UTNY Information Session now
    • Follow UTNY on Instagram and LinkedIn @UTNYprogram
    • Talk with your academic advisor:
      • What semester to go?
      • What internship course to take?
      • What UTNY academic courses to take?

    Get Ready

    Most students participate in UTNY as upperclassmen, so it's normal to have a gap between learning about the program and submitting an application.  Use this time to develop yourself so you're ready to apply when your deadline approaches.

    • Build up your resume with internship, work, and leadership experiences. If pressed for time, explore micro-internships and job simulations
    • Use your college's career services to develop your job search and application skills
    • Take classes relevant to your career field (but not the classes you need to "save" for UTNY!) and keep your GPA up
    • Participate in UTNY events, like UTNY Week. See the Connect page
    • Research scholarship options. Some deadlines may be before UTNY's!
    • Discuss your anticipated financial aid package with Texas One Stop and budgeting with Texas Financial Wellness
    • Polish your LinkedIn page.  TCE's LinkedIn MasterClass can help.  Check out LinkedIn Learning courses, too - they're free for UT students!
    • Submit your FAFSA.  UTNY scholarships consider financial need.

    Before You Apply

    Mark your calendar with your application deadline and make a plan to apply!  Application deadlines are typically about nine months before students arrive in New York.

    Financial Information


    The UTNY Program fee is $6,000.  

    In addition, students pay UT tuition to cover their full-time enrollment in UT Austin classes while in New York. In most cases, tuition assistance programs (e.g. Texas Tomorrow, Hazelwood) and tuition waivers apply as they would in Austin.   

    Like in Austin, students are responsible for their own housing and living expenses, such as food, transportation, and entertainment. These greatly differ based on individual students' budget and lifestyle choices.

    UTNY Cost of Attendance

    The cost of attendance (COA) is an estimate of what it costs the typical student to participate in UTNY.  It covers academic and program expenses as well as basic living expenses in New York City.  It parallels Texas One Stop’s COA for UT Austin and is used to create UTNY participants’ financial aid packages.  Students may receive financial aid, including scholarships, up to the total UTNY COA.

    Like in Austin, individual students' expenses will differ. The actual cost of participating in the UTNY program is the difference in cost between a semester staying in Austin for and the cost of a semester in New York on your budget.

    Academic and Program Expenses

      Fall / Spring Semester Summer Semester
    In State Out of State In State Out of State

    Program Fee

    $6,000 $6,000 $6,000 $6,000

    UT Tuition

    $5,615 $20,872 $3,870* $12,427*
    Cost of UTNY Estimate $12,788 $30,356 $9,870 $18,427
    Cost of UT Austin Estimate $7,150 $24,718 $3,870 $12,427


    • UT Tuition: UTNY students pay the same tuition rate as if attending classes in Austin. New York residents still pay out-of-state tuition; Texas residents still pay in-state tuition.  Exact tuition amount varies by college.
    • Summer Tuition: Estimate based on 9 credits of UTNY academic coursework + 3 credits of internship coursework.  Summer 2024 internship courses will be offered exclusively though University Extension (UEX), with a discounted cost per credit compared to UT Austin tuition. Students registered for a 6-credit internship course will pay less. Hazelwood benefits do not apply to UEX classes.

    Living Expenses in New York

    All costs are estimated. Participants decide their own living situation based on internship commute time, budget, and lifestyle.

      Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer
    15 weeks 15 weeks 10 weeks


    $8,150 $10,250 $5,050


    $2,000 $2,000 $1,150

    Flight and Local Transportation

    $1,100 $1,100 $900

    Books and Materials

    $50 $50 $50

    Personal Items / Miscellaneous

    $1,676 $1,676 $1,050
    Cost of UTNY Estimate $12,976 $15,076 $8,200
    Cost of UT Austin Estimate $9,937 $9,937 $6,536


    • Housing: Estimate for dorm-style housing with roommate. Actual prices depend on participant's selection
    • Personal Items / Miscellaneous: Estimate from Texas One Stop based on the amount allowed for financial aid purposes to cover personal expenses such as clothing and laundry. Individual costs will vary by participant.

    Financial Aid

    Financial aid applies to UTNY. UTNY participants have their Cost of Attendance adjusted up to cover the additional costs associated with attending UTNY.  This allows students to receive more aid to cover the additional expenses.

    Summer Financial Aid: Most federal financial aid awarded for Summer is loans. Texas Advanced Commitment funds are not awarded to cover Summer tuition. The Hazelwood Exemption does apply to Summer UT Austin tuition but not to courses offered through University Extension. This will only impact UTNY students if internship courses are exclusively offered through UEX for Summer 2024, as they were in Summer 2023.

    Contact Texas One Stop with questions about how financial aid works alongside participation in UTNY in your specific situation.


    UTNY participants are registered as full-time students at UT Austin, so students typically receive the financial aid or scholarships that they would use or qualify for during a semester in Austin. UTNY students can use any college or departmental scholarship not directly associated with UTNY toward participation in the program.

    UTNY students can also apply for internship scholarships to support their time on the program.  Other scholarships from departments or student orgs to support professional development, travel, or career development may also apply.

    Scholarship questions should be directed to the scholarship administration personnel in the student’s home college or the administrator for the specific scholarship. The awarding organization, not UTNY, determines the criteria for their scholarships.

    UTNY-specific Scholarships

    UTNY-specific scholarships vary by college and, in most cases, students are automatically considered if they complete the optional scholarship essay in the UTNY application.

    As scholarships are awarded by individual colleges, recipients typically must remain an enrolled, degree-seeking student in the college through their time on the UTNY program.  If you expect to transfer colleges or complete your major before participating, please contact Kate Uhlrich to discuss your situation.

    The UTNY program has a very limited amount of funding to support students of any college. Applicants, particularly those not listed below, should check with their college for additional funding options that may apply to UTNY.

    A Note on Deposits: UTNY-specific scholarships pay out after the first day of classes in New York City.  As such, they cannot be applied to the UTNY program deposit.  

    McCombs School of Business

    McCombs School of Business is pleased to offer UTNY scholarships supported by a generous donation from an anonymous donor. Each semester, the McCombs School of Business will award several scholarships of up to $6,000 to offset the UTNY program fee. Students must be an undergraduate with a major in the McCombs School of Business and demonstrate financial need in order to be eligible to receive the scholarship.


    College of Liberal Arts

    The College of Liberal Arts offers multiple scholarships each semester to Liberal Arts students admitted to the UTNY program. The number of scholarships varies by semester and has ranged anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 to help cover the UTNY program fee. To be eligible for a scholarship, students must be an undergraduate with a major in the College of Liberal Arts, demonstrate financial need, and complete the scholarship essay on the UTNY application.


    Moody College of Communication

    The Moody College of Communication offers multiple scholarships each semester to communication students admitted to the UTNY Program. These scholarships vary in number and amount from semester to semester and have ranged anywhere from $1,000 to $7,000 per student. Students must be an undergraduate in the Moody College of Communication and demonstrate either financial need or strong academic merit to be eligible to receive a scholarship.

    Moody students should also submit a Moody College Scholarship Application the academic year before they plan to attend UTNY.  Funds awarded may be applied toward tuition and fees while on the UTNY program.  The application is typically due in February for the entire following academic year. 

    College of Fine Arts

    The College of Fine Arts is pleased to offer UTNY scholarships supported by the Meredith and Cornelia Long Internship Fund. Each semester, the College of Fine Arts will award several scholarships in the amount of $6,000 to offset the UTNY program fee. Students must be an undergraduate with a major in the College of Fine Arts and demonstrate financial need in order to be eligible to receive the scholarship.

    Visit UTNY Fine Arts


    School of Human Ecology, College of Natural Sciences

    Check with your academic advisor about SoHE-specific funding options for the UTNY Program.